Piracy and Publishing

Neil Gaiman Piracy is advertising

Very interesting interview where Gaiman says when his books first appeared on torrent sites he saw it as theft and a threat to his copyright protection.

But then he noticed that in places where pirating was rife (such as Russia where people were translating his books and uploading them for others) sales of hard copies went up dramatically.

So he persuaded his publisher to try an experiment - put American Gods online for a month. And then sales of his other books increased by 300%.

He concluded that piracy was actually only cannibalising other free channels - people discovering his work in the library or by being lent a copy by a friend.

And because the torrents dramatically increased the number of free readers it was also increasing the number of buyers. In other words, it was advertising.

Interview video

It's not hard to find these pirate sites - just google the phrase and you'll be shown the lists.

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